Enterprise Capabilities

Enterprise Capabilities

So, what are capabilities, exactly? A capability is an abstraction that represents the ability to perform a particular skillset. In organizations, these would be considered organizational capabilities, directional capabilities, service capabilities, information capabilities and technology capabilities. During this research webinar, we will take a closer look at different types of capabilities, and explain how they work in practice.

We will also be taking a closer look at whom (organizational role or actor) or what (impersonal role, ie. applications/systems) actually delivers the output of an executed capability, and through which context is the capability processed and delvered. Moreover, there also needs to be a connection between different capabilities and a clear identification of, perhaps most importantly, who is the actual targeted beneficiary of the capability output (value proposition and consumers).

Research Focus

Information and research is sought on topics related to the understanding and comparison of Enterprise Capability Frameworks (ECFs), including, but not limited to:

  • Introduction to Enterprise Capability Concepts
    • What are capabilities?
    • How are they used in an enterprise context?
    • What can you do with capabilities?
  • Advanced Capability Modelling & Capability Architecture
    • What is the value of modelling capabilities?
    • How to do capability modelling?
    • How to do capability modelling in the context of the enterprise?
  • Capability Management
    • How do you manage capabilities?
    • How can you develop your capabilities?

Enterprise Capabilities: What are they? (Part 1)

Thought Leader Session: Architecting the Operating Model of the Future

How to do Capability Modelling (Part 2)

How to do Capability Modelling

Research Team

The Enterprise Capabilities research team and contacts are:

Research Leader:

Prof. Mark von Rosing
ISO 42010 Development Member
Global University Alliance, Chairman
OMG Business Architecture Special Interest Group, Co-Chair
OMG Academia & Research Working Group, Chair

Fred Cummins
OMG, Business Modeling & Integration Task Force, Chairman
OMG Business Architecture Special Interest Group, Co-Chair

Prof. Maxim Arzumanyan
Enterprise Capability Roles
OMG Academia & Research Working Group, Co-Chair
Global University Alliance, Co-Chair

Prof. Wim Laurier
Enterprise Capability Ontology
Global University Alliance, Co-Chairman

Prof. Simon Polovina
Enterprise Capability Semantics (relations and rules)
Global University Alliance, Co-Chairman

Prof. Hans Scheruhn
Typical Enterprise Capability Architecture models
Global University Alliance, Co-Chairman

CSIR Coordinator:

Rentia Barnard
Research Institute CSIR, Enterprise Architect Research Group Leader

LEADing Practice Coordinator:

Georg Etzel
LEADing Practice, Co-CEO

John A. Zachman
Inventor and Father of Enterprise Architecture, Zachman International

NATO Coordinators:

Johan Goossens
NATO Allied Command Transformation
Branch Head, Technology & Human Factors

Krzysztof Skurzak
NATO C3 Architecture & Design

Peter Woudsma
NATO C3 Technology Innovation

UNESCO Coordinators:

Dr. Selin N. Şenocak
UNESCO Chair Holder
Cultural Diplomacy, Governance and Education
Director, Occidental Studies Applied Research Center
Political Sciences and International Relations Faculty Member

Ulrik Foldager
Enterprise Capability KPIs
GUA, researcher