Educational Curriculum

Educational Curriculum

The Global University Alliance is developing a number of specialists cross-disciplinary university curriculums. Among others our areas of focus for our university curriculum include, Strategy, Disruptive Technologies, Business Model, Value Management, Service Modelling, SOA, Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Sustainability, Information Management, Systems Engineering, Enterprise Engineering, Operations & Producation, Ontology, Semantics, Project Management, Supply Chain Operations, etc. We do this both in the areas of:

  • Undergraduate Education
  • Masters Education
  • Professional Diploma Education: A new number of professional development certification tracks with focus on the cross-disciplinary skill requirement of today environment and a much need career path for developing resources.

The university curriculums for both Bachelor and Master level, are research and academic based modules, while the industry practitioner ISO, IEE, UN, NATO, OMG, LEADing Practice, etc. concept are not academic teaching centered, but focused on practical principles, we merge both academic and industry practices in the curriculums. If you wish to know more about our curriculums, please contact us.

In 2004, the Global University Alliance decided to focus on collecting and developing best practices, and simultaneously initiated an ongoing development of missing practices in the areas listed in the following table.

Curriculum Name Curriculum Responsible
Business/Enterprise Ontology Wim Laurier
Enterprise Semantics Simon Polovina
Enterprise DNA George Etzel
Enterprise GPS Hans Jürgen Scheruhn
Enterprise Architecture John A. Zachman Sr.
Enterprise Modelling Mark von Rosing
Organizational Dynamics-Strategy Jamie Caine
Business Process Management Marlon Dumas
Enterprise Sustainability David Coloma
Enterprise Resource Management Karin Gräslund
Requirement Management Maxim Arzumanyan
Smart City and Smart Automation Elizabeth Uruchurtu
Machine 2 Machine and Human 2 Machine Vanilson Buregio