August-Wilhelm Scheer

Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer

Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer is a German Professor of business administration and business information at the Saarland University, and founder and director of IDS Scheer AG, a major IT service and software company.

He is known for the development of the Architecture of Integrated Information Systems (ARIS) concept, and his research focuses on information and business process management in industry, services and administration.

He is widely regarded as the founder of the BPM industry, and his contribution to the process modelling community for developing the 2 main concepts for business process modelling; 1) Business content in Value-added Chain Diagrams (VCD) and 2) process content in Event-driven Process Chains (EPC).

Prof. August-Wilhelm Scheer has – amongst so much more – brought to us:

  • Link between processes and information.
  • His contribution to the academic world: in 1975 Scheer took over one of the first chairs for information systems and founded the Institute for information Systems (IWI) at the Saarland University, which he led until 2005.
  • His contribution to the Software world: In 1984 he founded IDS Scheer, a Business Process Management (BPM) software company, which is still today the market leader.
  • His contribution to Enterprise Modelling: The ARIS House which is one of the first Enterprise Modelling concepts that combines and organizes information of an organization in five interrelated views: data, function, organization, output, and control.